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Dark Chamber Media was founded in 2021 by Robert Shaw and Lawrence Whelan. Both came together with a common goal: to reinvent how action and stunt sequences are captured. Through extensive development, testing and production, DCM are proud to offer cinema-quality cameras whilst remaining small, light and versatile.  

DCM formed a strong connection with Z CAM, sharing the common goal of creating affordable, compact, and powerful cinema cameras for the masses. In January 2021, they delivered their first joint custom project, the “Z CAM E2-F6 Lightweight”. Offering Full Frame 6K Footage, whilst the body weighs in at just over 530 grams (or the equivalent of One Adult Guinea Pig), this dramatically increased the ability to capture demanding and precision-based action shots. 

In September 2021, after many months of Research and Development, DCM and Z CAM were proud to launch their next custom project, the “Z CAM E2-F6 Taiji”. Maintaining the same Full Frame 6K sensor, the “Z CAM E2-F6 Taiji” allows for shots never deemed possible before, with the ability to place the sensor module up to one meter away from the recording module. The “Z CAM E2-F6 Taiji” sensor module weighs in at just over 200 grams (or the equivalent of One Adult Hamster) with a footprint of just 3 inches in width and height and 1 inch in depth.

 Dark Chamber Media’s goal remains clear, to continue to push the boundaries, remove limitations and reinvent the way Action and Stunt sequences are captured.

Welcome to the future of cinema.


Robert Shaw

Robert began his career within the Camera Department, focusing on small scale cinema cameras. He quickly focused on providing Directors and DOPs with the ability to capture Big Screen quality with equipment a fraction of the size of other industry-standard options, offering niche cameras, services and equipment which broadened the possibilities for the Action and Stunt Cinematography world.


Lawrence Whelan

Lawrence has an extensive background in the Television, Film and Commercial industry, beginning from a young age alongside his father. Over the past years, he has gained comprehensive experience in the special effects field, focusing on camera rig development, testing and creation, often at the forefront of cutting-edge cinema technology.

Cameron Furnival-Watling

Cameron embarked on his career as a trainee in the camera department following the completion of his film and television degree. His professional journey has evolved, advancing from this initial role to his current position. He now serves as a technician specialising in major second unit productions, providing support to camera teams during action and stunt sequences.

Yaroslav Soltys

Yaroslav began his career in the IT industry, but after a few years found a passion for film and the business aspect of the film industry. Yaroslav has experience in live broadcast, documentaries, feature films, music videos, and corporate videos. Yaroslav also has over 16 years of video equipment repair experience and is passionate about bringing the highest quality in all of his endeavours.

Michael O'Donnell

Michael is a video creator. As a child he was always interested in making films, especially from the technical side. This, combined with an interest in how things work, made camera repair and technician work a natural progression. Through the years he has gained extensive experience on sets and in commercial video settings working behind and in front of the camera.

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