Tough, Powerful, Cinematic

Introducing the future of Action and Compact Cinema Camera’s, enabling limitless capture of the unimaginable. Compact no longer means compromise. Unlock all the possibilities.

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Specialist Grip

Forefront of Versatility

We have access to a range of specialist grip and rigging, and are the sole approved supplier of SnorriCam in the UK. From underwater housings to crash boxes, we rig it all!

Snorri Rig


The Brain

We have a wide range of cameras available, including custom models available exclusively from DCM and other specialist models such as the new DJI Ronin 4D 6K.



The Extras

There's more to shooting than just the cameras. We carry a variety of accessories and extras to complete the package, from Solid State Storage & Batteries, to Monitors and specialist lenses.


Specialist Equipment

More than just Cameras

We offer many pieces of equipment for rental, not just cameras. From Gimbals to custom Focus Controllers, we carry a variety of equipment to suit most needs.


Control Systems

Complete Camera Control

Our custom control system, designed to work with any of our Z CAM Cinema Cameras, allows complete control of an unlimited number of cameras, with the ability to change individual settings on each camera or as a group. This system is ideal for large stunt scenes, remote locations and worldwide control.

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